Forza Horizon I Drive

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State of Decay - coming soon to XboxLive Arcade and PC

Ready your ‘Zombie Survival Guide’. With all these zombie games coming out, I’m starting to wonder If the gaming industry is trying to ready us for something. Something like, THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE OF 2012! Joking aside, State of Decay will bring players into a zombie ridden world designed as an open sandbox to allow players to build their own defenses, stage their own supply raids, and rescue other survivors in need.

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The Psychotic Biotic

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Clint Mansell - Leaving Earth 

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Will the Circle Be Unbroken | Bioshock Infinite Cast

Will the circle be unbroken
By and by, by and by?
Is a better home awaiting
In the sky, in the sky?

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TES V: Skyrim Theme

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Et voici venir la plus mauvaise surprise de l’histoire du JV. Un nouveau Burnout a été annoncé hier par EA, et voilà ce que ça donne… Prévu sur le PSN et le XLA, ce Burnout Crash sent le gros flop.

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La démo E3 de Bioshock Infinite est enfin publique ! Préparez vous à en prendre plein les yeux.

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